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This weeks current schedule and announcements

Below is the schedule of services for the week of 2/19/24 through 2/25/24.  A few things to call to your attention are as follows:

  • As per the directive of our Diocese, for this upcoming week, we will continue the fundraiser for the annual appeal to help the Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, NY.  If you are able and willing to make a donation, the collection plate is located at the back of the church near the candles.  

  • Please remember to pray for those who are sick.

  • We will have a Parish-wide meeting on Sunday 2/25/24 to elect officers, Council members and Audit Committee members for 2024-2025.  Please note that only Orthodox Christians, 18 years and older, who have been a member in ROCOR and in good standing in the church for at least one year can vote.  If you are interested in serving or if you wish to nominate someone who might wish to serve, please speak to either Father Job or David Cusick.  Positions that will be open are as follows:

  • Treasurer

  • Assistant Treasurer

  • Warden (3 year term)

  • Secretary

  • Parish Council Member

  • Parish Council Member

  • Audit Committee Member

  • Audit Committee Member

  • Audit Committee Member

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