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This weeks current schedule and announcements

Good evening.    Below is the schedule for the week of 4/15/24 through 4/21/24.  This week and next will be quite busy, so there are several things to call to your attention as noted below:


  • On Tuesday 4/16, Holy Unction will be celebrated at St. Tikhon’s located in Blountville, TN.  Specifics are noted in the schedule grid.


  • On Wednesday 4/17, you can either attend services in Blountville or attend the evening service here at St. Nektarios.  Specifics are noted in the schedule grid below.


  • On Saturday 4/20, there will be no evening services that day as Father Job will be busy with baptisms all day.


  • On Sunday 4/21, we will have our annual Shrimp Boil after Divine Liturgy.  Since this meal will be catered there is no need to bring a main dish.  Please consider bringing drinks and/or desserts if you are able and willing.


  • The following week, on 4/27 which is Lazarus Saturday, we will have a big workday at the church that will require all hands.   Here is the schedule:

    • We will have the Folding of Palm Crosses and cleaning/greening of the church starting at 1:00 pm and running through the afternoon.  

    • At 2:30 pm (ish), Father Job will be conducting baptisms 

    • At 5:30 pm (ish), the children will host a fundraiser dinner for summer camp with a spaghetti meal made by the children, so please help support them by purchasing a meal.  Cost is $5.00 per plate.  

    • No vespers this night; however, Father Job will hear confessions after the meal. 


  • Paschal Confessions: Beginning on Lazarus Saturday, Father Job will hear confessions every day through Holy Week.  Please choose one of these days to make your Paschal Confession.  If you choose to go on Lazarus Saturday, Father Job has given his blessing that this serves as your confession for Pascha, and you are permitted to receive the Eucharist on Pascha without making another confession.  


God willing we will see each other at some of these services.

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